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The Concern “Electromash” has been established in 2002. However, it started its biography in 1930 when on the basis of the repair shops for the tractor electrical equipment owned by entrepreneur Batenko the Kherson Electrical Engineering Plant has been founded.

Having started with repair of magnetos for American tractors “Fordzon”, the plant produced the first Soviet KK dynamos and BOSH magneto. Later on (1934) the plant mastered the manufacture and output of test bench for dynamo armature, induction apparatuses, magnetizing devices and winders. At times of the Great Patriotic war, the plant was completely destroyed. In 1946 the plant’s reconstruction was completed, the pre-war products output was arranged.

In 1947, the plant started production of the electrical measuring instrument: ammeters, voltmeters and current transformers. During 1950 - 1960, the production of direct current generators ПН-10 with capacity 0,8-1,5 kW (for lighting of threshing floors at night), field electric shearing devices РСА 12 and АСХ for sheep shearing was mastered. In its turn, on the basis of the electric shearing devices were produced mobile power plants ЭС-5 (220В 4,5 kW), all-purpose ac motors. Products of the plant were in good demand in Ukraine and in other republics of the former Soviet Union.

In 1958, on the basis of the Zaporozhye plant “Kommunar” output of the first Ukrainian motor car “Zaporozhets” was started. The Kherson plant was entrusted with mastering of spare parts manufacturing - pole coils, armatures, commutators (Moscow plant АТЭ-1 supplied starters and generators), and in 1960 manufacturing of starters and generators for the motor car “Zaporozhets” was completely transferred to the plant.

In the sixties, with introduction of new capacities, the plant turned into modern enterprise with enough high for that time level of art and technology and passed completely to designing and production of the automobile and tractor electrical equipment (starters, generators) and components for electronic ignition systems. For the first time in the branch of the automobile and tractor electrical equipment (ATE), the plant mastered the end-plate commutator for starters which gave the significant saving of copper and decreasing of the starter’s weight. At this period, the output of starters reached 1 million 250 thousand pieces of generators, generators - 620 thousand pieces per annum, selling of the plant’s products was distributed as follows: Ukraine - 68%, Russia - 27%, Belarus - 5%. The products were exported to 15 countries of the world. After dissolution of the USSR at the beginning of the nineties, following inadvertences and errors in reformation of the independent Ukrainian economics as well as imperfection of customs rules and currency control regulations between the CIS-states, chronic insolvency of customers, the demand of traditional customers for the plant’s products decreased sharply. Export of products significant decreased, the export share shortened to 8,6% to Russia and to 0,2% to Belarus.

Reorganization of the enterprise into the open joint-stock company in 1994 became a new stage in its history. Since 1996, the situation has stabilized. The plant could retain its specialization and the staff under conditions of hard competitive activity and could start rising of production volumes, expansion of the product range. In the last years, the plant began mastering of the whole range of drives and starter relays for all motorcar types. It is designed and started development of generator 97.3701 14V 65А and on its basis up to 10 dimension types of generators for motorcars and tractors including generators 14V 80А, 28V 40А. Production of starters for diesels with capacity 24V 8,2 kW is developed and started in 1999 by small lots. In 2000 was commenced output of generators for combines and big city buses 28V 4kW, generator 977.3701 14V 85А for motorcars VAZ series 2110-2112. Production of magneto 85.000 for starting tractor engines was mastered.

The main lines of development of the OJSC “Electromash” are as follows: technical reequipment, expansion of export opportunities, search for business partners and investors. At the same time, much attention is given to quality improvement. There is declared a Quality Policy and a Business Philosophy is determined taking into consideration forward planning of the enterprise's development. In 2000, the enterprise was issued a Certificate conforming compliance of the quality system existing at the enterprise with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001. In 2004, Concern “Electromash” mastered production of the universal-joint shaft cross as well as air and oil filters for motorcars, thermostats for engine cooling systems.

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Quality of products is the foreground task of the company. The quality management system existing at the enterprise is certified for compliance with the international (Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH) standard and the national (UkrSEPRO) standard ISO 9001:2000.